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February 08 2018

Buzz Aldrin wants you to buy this $150 solar backpack
Twitter made its first profit, but still can't grow its user base
Microsoft's Windows 10 Store is getting more web apps
The Morning After: Amazon plugs Whole Foods into Prime Now
Intel releases new Spectre patch for its Skylake CPUs
Amazon now delivers Whole Foods products to your home in two hours

Games That Defined the Nintendo Virtual Boy

Be sure to check out our full Defining Games of Retro Gaming Series and our Virtual Boy Beginner’s Guide It may be the most awkward gaming device from a major manufacturer, but there is just something about Nintendo’s Virtual Boy that draws you into its headache-inducing display. In the mid–1990’s, the hottest buzzword in the […]

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Google opens Maps Go beta to US-based testers
Gordon Ramsay will insult your sandwiches with Alexa's help
Apple's 'Amazing Stories' revival loses showrunner Bryan Fuller

February 07 2018

US busts $530 million Infraud cybercrime ring
Activist and EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow has died
Dream Chaser's first ISS resupply mission launches in late 2020
Tesla targets 2,500 Model 3s a week while posting largest quarterly loss
Russians accessed US voter registration records before 2016 election
Google Photos uses AI to make videos for multiple occasions
Intel's all-in-one Xeon chip will speed up car connectivity
Police in China are scanning travelers with facial recognition glasses
What's next for SpaceX after its successful Falcon Heavy flight?
Snapchat swaps mess for money
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