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September 23 2017

Canada gets anime tourism commercial from Your Name creators

Canada gets anime tourism commercial from Your Name creators screenshot

Last year marked the release of Your Name, one of the most successful anime films was released in Japan and worldwide, wowed audiences with stunningly beautiful animation and evoked many emotions within its viewers. Now, the creators of Your Name, renowned director Makoto Shinkai and the studio CoMix Wave, has now put their skills to work to promoting the beautiful sites of Canada.

The 31 second video seen above features a few locations of the country from: Vancouver, Toronto, Banff, Abraham Lake, Canadian Rockies, Nagara Falls. This tourism campaign is intended for the Japanese market, in cooperation with the Destination Canada, which is owned by the Canadian government. So the Canadian government and its people paid for anime to be created and that is something I don't think I would ever write or think ever in my lifetime.

This isn't the first time that Makoto Shinkai was involved in creating a commercial in his gorgeous anime style that I believe to be the progenitor to Your Name. The anime commercial was for a mail order cram school tutoring service, kinda like those "cram schools" that you see in anime where students get extra supplementary schoolwork but this one is done via the postal service.

The video is below for those interested to see just how someone like the Makoto Shinkai and his studio can make something very monotonous as schoolwork into something great with ridiculously pretty animation and music.

Via Reddit

Dragon's Crown's most controversial character gets a new figure

Dragon's Crown's most controversial character gets a new figure screenshot

Orchid Seed is a funny company. When Dragon's Crown came out in 2013, a few figure makers announced that they would be picking up the property. Around that time, Orchid Seed announced their very own Sorceress figure. And then, a whole lot of nothing happened...

As the years wore on, MegaHouse released their Dragon's Crown lineup. Max Factory, belatedly, released their Sorceress figure. I was starting to think Orchid Seed's version was just going to wind up in their large pile of abandoned projects. But now I see the truth. They had known all along that Dragon's Crown Pro was on the way, and timed this pre-order accordingly!

As you can see, this figure is a faithful translation of the game art (which courted a fair amount of controversy back in the day). However that also means some questionable anatomical traits - artist George Kamitani must not know where nipples go. But it's all in good fun, being a stylized fantasy character.

You can pre-order this figure from Amiami and other Japanese retailers for ¥15,660. It'll be out in June 2018, assuming we're very lucky and Orchid Seed actually makes a release date for once.

Photo Photo Photo

Final Fantasy-dedicated art exhibit celebrates 30th anniversary this January

Final Fantasy-dedicated art exhibit celebrates 30th anniversary this January screenshot

Descending the escaltor at Kaihin Makuhari Station to attend the Tokyo Game Show, one can see monochrome posters of each Final Fantasy and their protagonist. During TGS it has been announced that a full Final Fantasy art exhibit is coming to Tokyo to celebrate the series's 30th anniversary. The first game originally released on December 18, 1987 but hey who's counting?

It can be seen from January 22, 2018 through February 28, 2018 at Roppongi Hills' Tokyo City View Observation Deck Gallery. If it's anything like the Sailor Moon exhibit that was held in the same location it should be elaborate. Seeing that makes me hopeful, otherwise I wouldn't expect much after an underwhelming Tokyo Tower light-up event.

Photo Photo Photo

Kotobukiya announces a Decapre Bishoujo figure

Kotobukiya announces a Decapre Bishoujo figure screenshot

Keeping with the grand tradition of fighting game character design, Kotobukiya has palette-swapped their upcoming Cammy figure to create a Bishoujo Decapre. It makes sense, as Kotobukiya gets to capitalize on a popular character and get more mileage out of the Street Fighter Alpha Cammy design.

For the time being this is just a teaser illustration. There hasn't been a sculpt revealed yet. But judging by previous Bishoujo releases and the base Cammy sculpt, I'd expect a bit more musculature when this transitions to 3D. Decapre is set for a March 2018 release in Japan and an April 2018 US release. Kotobukiya's Facebook page has the price at US$84.99.


Android 21, Yamcha, and Tien tag in for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21, Yamcha, and Tien tag in for Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshot

As part of the character trailer series for Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ, recently announced characters Yamcha and Tien had their trailers shown at Tokyo Game Show 2017. They show off their signature moves including Tri Beam, and Wolfgang Fang Fist while Chiaotzu assists Tien.

A trailer revealing how Goku, Krillin, and Android 18 first encounter Android 21 has also been released. She appears in doctor's garb and tends to an injured Android 18.

I played Dragon Ball FighterZ at Tokyo Game Show and very impressed by the way it ran and played. I'm really excited to play more than ever, even if it's a bit disappointing Android 17 and Chiaotzu are not their own playable characters. More than that, I'm disappointed with the alternative costumes being lazy color swaps when each character must have dozens of different outfits throughout the series's long history.

Koei Tecmo finally ready to move on from Dead or Alive 5

Koei Tecmo finally ready to move on from Dead or Alive 5 screenshot

September 25 will mark the 5th anniversary of the first release of Dead or Alive 5, Koei Tecmo's beautiful babe and bro brawler that has seen as many re-releases and version updates as it has articles online referring to it as filth. There is the original, Dead or Alive 5 Plus for the PlayStation Vita, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate for last-gen consoles, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round for current-gen consoles, Dead or Alive Ultimate Arcade and the free-to-play Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Core Fighters.

DLC for Last Round has been an ongoing affair. Currently in its seventh season, the total cost for all of the game's DLC is an extremely affordable $633. It's no Train Simulator but goddamn that is a lot of money for some costumes. This December, that all comes to an end.

At the Tokyo Game Show, producer Yosuke Hayashi confirmed DLC support for the game will end this year so the team can "focus on the future."I hope this means we'll finally see a Dead or Alive 6 soonish, and hopefully, Venus Vacation's Misaki will be able to make her fighting game debut because she looks like she's ready to throw down.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round DLC Releases Ending This Year; Developers Prepare for the Future [Dual Shockers]

Watch some in-depth Monster Hunter World character and Palico creation

Watch some in-depth Monster Hunter World character and Palico creation screenshot

As in previous entries, Monster Hunter World will feature character creation for both your player character and your Palico companion. For the player character you can choose from 10 presets and edit face type, skin color, age, hair style, gender, eyebrows, forehead, eye color, eye position, eyelash length, nose, mouth, facial hair, makeup/face-paint, facial expression, voice, underwear, starting equipment, and lightning. These changes will reflect in cutscenes as well as gameplay.

The Palico creator begins with 12 presets and then let's you change it's hair (length, thickness, color), patterns, individual eye color, ears, tail, voice, skin color, and starting equipment.

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

My favorite places in video games

My favorite places in video games screenshot

[For some folks, playing a game means more than taking in the gameplay or the characters. For people like JPF720, the scenery can be just as big a part of the experience as actually playing. Join him as he revisits some of his favorite places in gaming, in this our latest entry of Who Let the Blogs Out?!, our series of highlighting gems we missed the first go around. Write a sweet blog like this one, and you could see it promoted to Destructoid's Front Page! - Wes]

Following my previous blog post about the way the context and setting of certain works influence my motivation to experience them and my initial investment, I've decided to go ahead and share some wonderful places I’ve visited in video games that really left a mark.

I tried to only pick places which are smaller in scale. Maybe some other time I'll write about towns or, at least, some slightly more expansive areas (*hint*hint*). On to stuff!

Houses by the beach - No More Heroes

For many of you, these are just some regular-ass houses and one of the most nothing aspects of the entire game. But you see, for most of my life I've lived in apartment buildings and, like what tends to happen when it comes to apartments, the concept of living a neighborhood life in full was never a thing for me. Sure, I knew what many folks' looked like; however, for the most part, I hardly interacted with any of them.

To me, these row houses represent comfort, a place where I'd like to live and raise my kids. The fact that they're basically exact copies of each other adds to the charm; interestingly, that lack of individuality is something I usually steer away from. They're right by the beach, which comes with the nostalgia of me having spent half my life living in front of a beach.

Sure, Santa Destroy has a bunch of crazy baseball players, the mob, and deadly scorpions - and my kids would have to attend school somewhere else, due to killer students and all - but sometimes, amidst all the craziness, one tends to crave the mundane. And that slice of regular life in a beautiful town sits very well with me.

Vincent's Apartment - Catherine

Speaking of places to live, if those houses would make for a great family stay, this is the kind of place my bachelor self would be looking for. As my girlfriend would attest to, my need for practicality tends to overwhelm my sense of stylistic arrangement. And while it would never be adequate for more than one person, its compact layout fits me like a glove.

I've been living away from my parents' home for quite some time and in several different places, however there was never the opportunity for me to go look for someplace I would call my own and only my own. I've always lived with some kind of roommate and the closest I've been to being by myself was when this one guy almost never came home.

They were great times, don't get me wrong, but I must admit there's part of me that longs for that space I never got. A space impeccably represented by this somewhat claustrophobic apartment.

Hotel Ende - Nights of Azure

I love hotels. Maybe they represent some kind of adventurous lifestyle, of leaving one's comfort zone. They accentuate both loneliness and the chance for random meetings. You know that one scene of some guy going to the hotel bar to grab a drink and being the only person there besides the bartender, leading to conversations that last for the rest of the night? I'm fascinated by that, and I don't even drink alcohol!

In Nights of Azure, the hotel is basically your home base, where you return to after venturing into the night to fight creatures and collect items. And it's here where most of the relationships unfold, where characters converse and interact. It looks ostensibly sophisticated, almost vacant and comfy, all at the same time. I couldn't ask for a better place to return to after my nightly walks through a deserted town.

Kamiari-an Restaurant - Root Letter

I've been talking about feeling comfortable a lot, haven't I? Well, I'm not stopping now.

I may have never been to Japan, much less the town of Matsue, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if Root Letter was a completely faithful representation of it. There may be a lot of interesting and historic landmarks to visit, but that restaurant is the definition of a safe haven.

The protagonist may be staying at an inn where very lovely people work, but, even so, whenever he felt a bit peckish before or after a whole lot of investigatin', I looked forward to going to this place and watch the marvelous cuisine the chef kindly offered me at the usual discount.

Much like the hotel bar, it's not for the food itself - I could do without that whole eating food stuff if I didn't actually need it to live - but for the companionship that forms with unlikely people, in an unlikely town.

Underground Club - Maken Shao: Demon Sword

Alright, no more comfort. Especially because Maken Shao isn't the most visually appealing game. That's not the reason I’m sharing a song, though; that's because I can't find a decent screenshot of the place I'm talking about. And the soundtrack is cool.

Anyways, interestingly enough those visuals work in its favor. I wrote a whole blog post on this game quite some time ago, but in case you're one of the everyone who didn't read it (just kidding, at least three of you did, so thank you) or didn't play the game, you get to visit a whole lot of cities around the globe. Despite the not-so-appealing graphical quality derived from a Dreamcast game directly ported to the PS2, those fine folks at Atlus somehow managed to grasp the essence of many - if not most - of those cities.

I chose the Amsterdam level because of its three layers. First, there's the town, which looks like a nice, old European town. Then, you get to the sewers, and I am someone who tends to enjoy sewer levels more than usual (by "usual" I mean that I haven’t met a single soul who also enjoys those). After that, you end up in this night club, meaning that those people were either drunk or high as hell for ending up there. Scratch that - for wanting to go there in the first place! Even so, and despite me never having been to Amsterdam, this somehow manages to be a damn accurate representation of what people I know have told me about it.

If you live there, feel free to let me know there are no shady clubs in the sewers.

Sewers - Metal Gear Solid 3

I couldn't very well let my sewer fetish go by with a simple passing mention, could I? Of course I could, but MGS3's brief romp through a Russian sewage system elicits a positive reaction from me.

On one hand, I find the game's overall color palette really appealing, which works wonders for the "escape through the sewer" scene given it plays out at sunset (my favorite time of day) with that strong and warm orange contrasting with the cold walls. The architecture is interesting, seeing as those are some pretty expansive sewers. But hey, that World War II money and all, amirite?

If I were to try to explore my interest in sewers, maybe it relates to that loneliness I sometimes crave, that comfort that's to be found in enclosed spaces. Made even better by the fact that, usually, they lead to the outside, reflecting a transitional period of one's life.

What was I thinking, you're all just like, "Dude, you're talking about shit-infested water." Well, you’re not wrong.

What about you? Which places in games left such a mark that you look forward to revisiting them time and time again?

Thank you for reading and keep being great.

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Create your own character in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet in early 2018

Create your own character in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet in early 2018 screenshot

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is releasing in early 2018 with a season pass, character creator, and limited edition package. The Japanese release date is February 18, 2018 and while Sword Art Online games have usually taken between four to eight months to release in the west, the most recent non-crossover title, Hollow Realization, only took 12 days to release worldwide after it's Japanese release and the western release of Fatal Bullet still reads "early 2018."

A limited edition package (not confirmed for outside Japan yet) will include a special box, two-disc soundtrack CD set, special contents book, Dengeki NerveGere Special Version Vol. 05 magazine, and special product code card for 10,900 yen (~$93). Three additional DLC episodes are planned with new dungeons, quests, enemies, and systems at 1,200 yen (~$10) apiece or you can get them all in a 3,000 yen (~$27) season pass. There is also a “Knights of the Blood” costume for Asuna for first-print copies. If you want both the limited edition pack and the season pass, you can get the Premium Edition for 11,200 yen (~$100).

Two new heroines named Kureha and Zeliska were revealed along with a host of existing characters in new apparel such as Lisbeth, Asuna, Kirito, Sinon, and Leafa. The player character however is customizable via a character creator, which lines up with the creators philosophy of choice in this game.

Players will have to make choices in this all-new story and can even change costumes and wield multiple weapons at once. Since there's a lot of large fields to explore, the team is thinking of adding a car to traverse in (think FFXV). The character creator bit suggests you have the option to not play as Kirito, which is the long black haired character seen in all the media thus far. If you thought that was a girl, so did I, but it's intentional; "Originally, he appeared fragile and feminine-looking, but in 'Gun Gale Online,' he uses an even more feminine avatar."

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

The first trailer for DoA Xtreme: Venus Vacation promises surf, sand, and steamy showers

The first trailer for DoA Xtreme: Venus Vacation promises surf, sand, and steamy showers screenshot

It's been a long, slow, ecstasy-inducing tease for Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation, the upcoming browser game from DMM and Koei Tecmo. After getting a naughty little peek at the game more than a year ago, the developers used the Tokyo Game Show to finally bare all on its free-to-play project with a new trailer that shows off the girls, the games, and everything players will be gawking at when it launches later this year.

Venus Vacation will have players pick a waifu who will be there to greet them when they log on. It looks like the only two activities will be volleyball and photography, which is good because those were honestly the only good parts of Xtreme 3: Fortune. Players will be able to dress the girls up or down in the many bikinis and accessories they unlock through the paid Gacha system, which may also give access to one of those shower scenes seen at the end of the trailer. 

Pre-registration has begun and it looks like the more people who pre-register, the more goodies everyone will get when the game launches.

Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation debut trailer, more details [Gematsu]

Inside coming to Nintendo Switch and iOS

Inside coming to Nintendo Switch and iOS screenshot

Inside, a popular indie side-scrolling puzzle-platformer by the makers of Limbo, is headed to Nintendo Switch and iOS devices at an unannounced date. This news comes via a Famitsu interview with a Playdead developer. The game is already available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Count me among those who were not terribly impressed by the game nor it's predecessor, Limbo. The visuals are nice and I appreciate the story-telling and gameplay without tons of text-boxes, extended cut-scenes, and tutorials, however the puzzles and platforming elements are standard. The games feel tedious and the big surprises don't really do much for me.

A game that's in the same vein as those but is leagues better is Little Nightmares. That is the game that deserves the recognition and awards that Inside and Limbo receive. Go play Little Nightmares and just watch the last 20 minutes of Inside on YouTube if you're curious.

Caeda and Tiki confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors

Caeda and Tiki confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors screenshot

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon's Caeda and Tiki will join the roster for Koei Tecmo's upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors. Announced at Tokyo Game Show 2017, these characters were seemingly visible on the European Limited Edition box that was revealed eleven days ago.

They were spotted by our own Bass and users Alex Heat and Dominator101. As Viewtiful Devil pointed out, the amiibo of Tiki was likely a dead giveaway. In any case it may be worth looking at that box a little more closely to get an idea of who will make up the rest of the cast.

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

Check out .hack//G.U. Last Recode gameplay, PS2 comparison, release date, and goofy Parody Mode

Check out .hack//G.U. Last Recode gameplay, PS2 comparison, release date, and goofy Parody Mode screenshot

A lot of new information has come in since we last reported on .hack//G.U. Last Recode including the release date, gameplay footage, PS4 vs. PS2 comparison footage, a silly Parody Mode, and various updates. First off, the game releases in America and Europe on November 3, 2017. 2017 is not only the year that G.U. takes place in, but it is also the 15th anniversary of .hack and the 10th anniversary of the first .hack//G.U. title, which is one of the reasons they're remaking them now.

My favorite part of all this is the all new Parody Mode. They replace lines in many serious scenes with silly, funny lines. It's not a full-game treatment, but rather a collection of videos a la Metal Gear Solid 3's Secret Theater.  Doesn't sound like it goes to the lengths that the Secret Theater did by redirecting and animating scenes, however. 

At Tokyo Game Show 2017 this week a fair amount of gameplay was shown off for the first three games, while the newest Vol. 4 has yet to receive any gameplay footage. Bandai Namco even uploaded a three-minute gameplay video comparing the graphical difference between the original PS2 games and the new remastered PS4 versions. 

In addition to previous list of enhancements, here are several more I dug up:

  • Better shadows, UI, and background details 
  • Save data slots increased from 7 to 20
  • Starting level in no save data transfer mode increased
  • Switch between item menu tabs with a single button
  • UI design adjusted to make each equipment's empty slot amount easier to understand
  • When selling in the shop menu you can see how many of the selected item you possess
  • A place called "Shop Acorn " added to the map
  • Limit set on how many summons an ally-summoning enemy can call
  • Probability that enemies inflict sleep, paralysis, etc on player decreased (but not vice versa)
  • Marriage events can be performed with all ally characters in Vol. 3

Lastly, and forgive me if I word this strangely for I haven't played these games yet, in the new Vol. 4 Haseo has an new exclusive 5th weapon form called "The Gate of Ouroboros." It's described as an "Eight Phase Sword" which allows it to use the power of all eight phases, excluding Dual Swords, Broadswords, Scythes, and Dual Guns. The eight phases are Skeith, Innis, Magus, Fidchell, Gorre, Macha, Tarvos, and Corbenik. This new Gate of Ouroboros form also has an exclusive Double Trigger function, allowing you consecutively perform two Skill Triggers.

As I stated before I've never played, seen, or read anything of the .hack universe quite yet. It's the biggest franchise that I know that seemingly absolutely no one ever talks about, even back when it was new. That or the Sega's RPG Shining series I guess. It's just hard to jump in with so many entries, and weird naming conventions don't help. Just from reading up on our coverage of Last Recode I saw that this series is a sequel or follow-up to an original .hack series, but without looking anything up I don't know if they are connected or where to start.

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

Check out your new student Chisato Shinjo in this first trailer

Check out your new student Chisato Shinjo in this first trailer screenshot

Our first look at the girl-in-the-tower student DLC for Summer Lesson is here. Revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2017, Chisato Shinjo seems interested in English decor and tea. I can't help but think of Fiona from Shrek or Rapunzel from, well, Rapunzel. Thankfully she is neither an Ogre nor long-haired, but she is cute.

Along with Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep and Supermassive Games' Inpatient, I tried to get my hands on this at TGS, but the VR section is basically a lottery. You stand in line for 1-2 hours and get a random game to play. Unfortunately I got No Heroes Allowed! (unrelated to No More Heroes), which frankly sucked. Still, every time I try VR I'm convinced it has a place in gaming as an improved way to experience games rather than it's gimmicks or motion control collaboration.

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

Sonic Forces and Hooters Collaboration is real and happening

Sonic Forces and Hooters Collaboration is real and happening screenshot

After his relationship with Elise in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), I guess we should've expected something like this. Sega announced at Tokyo Game Show 2017 that there will be an official collaboration between Sonic Forces and Hooters, a chain restaurant with busty waitresses and overpriced wings.

The promotional image lists a few Hooters branches in Tokyo where their side of the collaboration is likely to occur: Shibuya West, Ginza, and Akasaka. The collaboration starts from the middle of October and further information will be revealed in a few days. I don't think Amy will approve and oh god please don't put her in a Hooters costume.

Photo Photo

Attack on Titan 2 slated for PS4, Switch, Vita, and PC in Japan

Attack on Titan 2 slated for PS4, Switch, Vita, and PC in Japan screenshot

There's not a ton of games based on movies or anime that turn out great, but Attack on Titan is one of the few exceptions. It captured the spirit of the show in it's story and the thrill of flying around the titans in combat. The sequel is now headed for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC, and even Nintendo Switch at least in Japan. While it's likely that all but the Vita versions will be the same in the west, an official announcement should come soon.

Attack on Titan 2 covers the second season of the anime and the number of playable characters is far greater than the original game (10), although a specific number wasn't announced. Also 3D Maneuver Gear actions are more diversified and titan movements have evolved according to the developers.

I continue to be impressed by the third-party support the Switch gets. Third-party games helped set the NES and SNES apart from their competition, but from the Nintendo 64 through the Wii U they have struggled. The Switch appears to be reaching those former heights, with arguably better third-party support than the Xbox One.

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

Square Enix keeps pumping out Final Fantasy XV content and will continue to into 2018

Square Enix keeps pumping out Final Fantasy XV content and will continue to into 2018 screenshot

This is why I still haven't played Final Fantasy XV: they just don't stop releasing new content. I thought it was a lot when they had multiple non-numbered, canonical demo episodes, an anime, and movie before release. Now there are multiple canonical DLC episodes, a canceled VR experience, a not canceled VR fishing game, a PC port, a mobile port, a multiplayer expansion, and now here's even more.

The next free update will include new story content as well as increase the hunt capacity. Square Enix announced this along with their plays to continue to develop for the game well into 2018 at Tokyo Game Show 2017. While Episode Ignis was planned to be the last bit of content, game director Hajime Tabata said that due to fan demand for more content and story they want to develop story where there wasn't much explanation in the base game. He explains "if we don’t convey the setting that is the foundation of the world, we won’t be able to convey the characters’ way of life."

Seeing the name Final Fantasy XV may make you forget this game started out as Final Fantasy Versus XIII which, along with Final Fantasy Agito XIII, was going to be a spin-off of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. The extended universes of all these games are under the Fabula Nova Crystallis banner, which is huge to say the least, even bigger than the Final Fantasy VII universe at this point.

I wish they'd go back and make Final Fantasy X-3 already. Maybe I'm greedy since that universe has gotten some expansion, but I recently had to write a fan-fiction for an application to Square Enix which reminded me how much I love the series and how much potential for a sequel there is from the audio drama released with the HD rereleases. Just ignore that terrible 2.5 Novella. 

Final Fantasy XV development continues for another year, focusing on story [Games Talk]

New Umihara Kawase game confirmed for Nintendo Switch

New Umihara Kawase game confirmed for Nintendo Switch screenshot

At Tokyo Game Show 2017, a poster was seen at the Success Corporation Booth showing a silhoutte of Umihara Kawase, from the series of the same name, and that reads "The latest entry in the series! Planned for release on Nintendo Switch." This would be the fourth title in the series if you exclude ports and compilations that included extra content.

Umihara Kawase is an excellent platforming game involving rope physics that released in Japan on the Super Famicom in 1994. It's sequel, Umihara Kawase Shun, released on PlayStation in 1997 and received some updated ports and a compilation later on. None of these were localized in the west originally. It wasn't until the third title, Sayonara Umihara Kawase for Nintendo 3DS, that the west got a taste of the series when it released west in 2014.

All three titles are now available on Steam and I highly recommend them. A while back Destructoid staff members voted on their favorite SNES titles and I believe I was the only one to bring this game up. If the SNES Classic has you in the mood for classic platformers, these are some great ones you may have missed.


Yes, the new Atelier game is coming west

Yes, the new Atelier game is coming west screenshot

The 17,497th Atelier game is the 17,496th to be localized. People keep buying these, so Koei Tecmo keeps bringing them over. After releasing in Japan this winter, Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings will make its western arrival on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in 2018. It was released on PS Vita in Japan but not PC, whereas in the west it will be on PC but not Vita.

Lydie & Suelle is the final game in the "Mysterious" series (Atelier Sophie, Atelier Firis) and involves the twins skidooing into paintings to explore bountiful worlds and improve their alchemy to become the best atelier in the land. You play as both of the 14-year sisters (instead of choosing one) and can enter more paintings by raising your atelier rank, which is increased by completing tasks in the town of Melveille, capital of the Adalett Kingdom.

At least in Japan there are some bonuses and special editions. First print copies will come with a code to download Marie and Elie costumes. The Premium Box (10,300 yen / ~$91) includes a visual book, music track and voice two-CD set, a set of three "mini-clear" posters, a B3-sized cloth poster, and some unidentified downloadable items.

Since this is the 20th anniversary of the series, there is also an Atelier 20th Anniversary Box. This package 25,600 yen / ~$228 and includes all the content from the Premium box along with a Sophie & Firis Premium Visual Book, a Lydie & Suelle Double Crystal Paperweight, and a Atelier 20th Anniversary Alchemist Pin Badge Collection. Neither this nor the Premium Box editions have been confirmed for the west yet.

These games were the first time I ever saw the word "atelier," so I thought it was just some made-up thing the develops thought sounded nice. But then I came to Japan and I see the word every other day. Finally looking it up, Wikipedia says an atelier is an English word: " the private workshop or studio of a professional artist in the fine or decorative arts, where a principal master and a number of assistants, students, and apprentices can work together producing pieces of fine art or visual art released under the master's name or supervision."

Well alright I guess. Japanese like to pick and choose which words they adopt from other languages or even redefine them ("bitch" means what we call a "slut;" "juice" is both juice and sodas; "high tension" means being in high spirits rather than stressed). Maybe I'm just dumb and never heard of this word, or perhaps it's an older word not used much today like haberdashery.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings [Gematsu]

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice joins the gang on mobile

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice joins the gang on mobile screenshot

The latest title in the acclaimed Ace Attorney series, Spirit of Justice, released yesterday on iOS and Android for $19.99. It joins the the first five mainline Ace Attorney games on mobile devices. The first Daigyakuten Saiban / The Great Ace Attorney is also on mobile but not localized of course. The Great Ace Attorney 2 and the two Ace Attorney Investigations games are the only games in the series yet to release on mobile (Investigations 2 also not yet localized).

According to reports from several sites, there is a $0.99 option for just the first episode while unlock the rest of the game beyond that is $14.99. Also reported is that the special DLC case Turnabout Time Traveler is available for download at an additional cost of $2.99. 

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Is Now Available on Android and iOS Devices [DualShockers]

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